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Builder Grade Stairs

Working together with companies in the new home building industry, we are your trusted one-stop solution for builder-grade stairs.

For years, we have been proud to work with new home builders, including Parkview Homes, Talos Homes, Bulat Homes (to name a few). We help with the design and production of staircases and railings for towns and single-family homes in new communities across Ottawa and surrounding regions.

Construction-grade stairs are easy to build and cost-effective. Most commonly built with paint-grade pine stringers, plywood-grade treads and risers. These stairs are a blank canvas, allowing for either carpet, vinyl or tile application. We can help you achieve a sturdy and up-to-code staircase for any application.

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The standard for any construction-grade stair is a 1″ bullnose tread profile.

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For vinyl stairs, the construction-grade stair tread profile is altered to 1″ square to facilitate the application of vinyl tread coverings.

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No Overhang

This stair allows for easy tile installation. The tread and risers are attached at a 90º angle, which means there is no overhang.

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