Into the Woods

Stair Type: White Oak – Open Stringer
Railing Type: Black Metal Posts & Spindles
Client: Picasso Custom Homes

Nestled in a serene environment, our latest endeavour with Picasso Custom Homes, the “Into the Woods” project, exemplifies mastery in craftsmanship and design. Designed to enhance the natural beauty of its surroundings, this staircase installation acts as a centrepiece in this gorgeous Manotick home.

The stairway features open stringers meticulously crafted from premium white oak, providing a robust yet visually airy structure. Each tread, carved from the same exquisite white oak, boasts a sophisticated 1-inch square front nose profile with subtle 1/4-inch radius edges, ensuring a seamless blend of comfort and style.

Accentuating the staircase’s clean lines are the railings—a bold composition of 1 1/2-inch square black metal posts and 1/2-inch square plain black metal spindles. The railings are topped with a stunning 2-inch square white oak handrail, its edges softly rounded to a 1/4-inch radius, mirroring the treads’ detail and enhancing the tactile experience.

“Into the Woods” is a statement of luxury and tranquillity, reflecting Picasso Custom Homes’ commitment to exceptional living spaces. This project showcases our dedication to innovative design and quality, making every step a journey towards aesthetic perfection.