Stair Type: Cantilevered
Railing Type: Glass with Tread End Caps
Client: Roca Homes
Designer: O’Keefe Fiorenza Design

Indulge in subtle luxury and refinement with our Elegance project, designed for a distinguished Roca Homes residence.

This cantilevered masterpiece features a hidden steel structure within the walls, allowing the 4 1/2” white oak box treads to appear as though they float effortlessly. The design is elevated by glass panels bolted securely to the hardwood treads, ensuring durability while maintaining an open, airy aesthetic. Wood end caps on the opposite side of the glass add a natural, warm element to the structure.

Upstairs, the guards transition into a channelled glass system, topped with a 2” wooden handrail grooved for additional texture and grip.

This staircase envisioned in collaboration with O’Keefe Fiorenza Design, showcases the perfect balance between cutting-edge architecture and exquisite, minimalist design. O’Keefe Fiorenza Design Group is an Ottawa-based, multi-disciplinary design firm specializing in custom residential design.

Photography by Kevin Belanger