Elevate Your Home’s Appeal: The Benefits of Staircase Recapping

We understand the potential of a staircase to become a captivating focal point. It holds the power to transform the look and appeal of your space, especially when it is the initial focal point upon entering. Despite often being viewed as purely functional, the staircase has the capacity to elevate the character of your home, making it an integral element in interior design.

Benefits of Stair Recapping

Stair recapping emerges as a preferred choice among our clients seeking to refresh the appearance of their staircases. With the versatility in customization options, allowing you to choose from various styles, materials, finishes, and colors, you can render the “new staircase” indistinguishable from the original. Recapping also allows you to update the stairs without the disruption of the surrounding environment, so there are no walls to redo or paint. Additionally, the stairs will remain accessible throughout the process.

The Stair Recapping Process

The process of stair recapping involves several steps:

  1. Preparation: Prepare the stairs. Remove the railings and carpeting as well as all the staples and carpet tracks.
  2. Structural Preparation: Securely screw down each step and address any imperfections to ensure a flawless installation of future materials.
  3. Measurement: Take precise measurements of the existing structure and create templates for each step.
  4. Installation: Execute the final installation, ensuring all components fit perfectly and securely. All staining/finishing is completed at our facility, allowing for immediate access to the stairs (no downtime needed away from the residence).
  5. Completion: Enjoy your newly revamped staircase tailored to your space!


The advantages of stair recapping extend far beyond aesthetics. The choice to move ahead with this process offers a cost-effective solution for rejuvenating your staircase.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover if stair recapping is the right option for you!